Mission 1: Beer 12 - Taddy Porter


There are a number of beers on our list that I am afraid of. I am the kind of person that sticks to what I like. I enjoy experiments, but in truth my experiments are never that far out of my comfort zone. Porters and stouts are outside my comfort zone and we have a few on our list. Beers that have coffee, espresso or creamy in the description are a turn off. Beer number twelve was certainly a lesson in why I should experiment more often and more broadly.

Taddy Porter from Samuel Smith's Old Brewery was a beer that I was not pleased to buy. I really was not thrilled by the prospect of drinking a porter and the purchase only happened because we felt we needed to have a variety of styles for our mission. It poured out nearly black in color with a walnut colored head. It had a moderate coffee scent and I almost put it down and refused to drink it. I hate coffee. Seriously. I tried to like it when Starbucks was first getting really popular and all the cool kids drank mochas. I lasted for part of my eighth grade year before I gave it up. Coffee is my beverage nemesis. Lucky for me and my mission the Taddy Porter only smelled of coffee. The taste was smooth and malty with a nice caramel finish. I was shocked. I liked it.

I am noticing that when it comes to the dark beers (browns, porters, stouts) I prefer the English imports to the American craft brews. In truth the English beer taste like the watered down versions of the American beers I have tried. I wonder however if they only taste watered down because they are not overly flavored with hints of this and notes of that. The flavor is simple, coming in easily identifiable layers. The Taddy Porter has a clear begining, middle and finish.

Much like the Newcastle, I won't be drinking the Taddy Porter frequently, but I certainly won't be afraid to experiment on English imports anymore!

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