Mission 1: Beer 19 - Midas Touch


Most people know the story of King Midas. The man gifted with the golden touch after returning the wayward Selinus to Bacchus. Midas himself didn't have much to do with alcohol, but Bacchus and Selinus did. The story of how Dogfish Head came to make the beer is far more interesting.

A little over ten years ago the contents of King Midas's tomb, mostly dishes, were chemically analyzed. What they found in the drinking cups would eventually become Midas Touch beer. This beer is based on a 27,000 year old recipe. It is possibly the oddest ingredient list I have eve heard of for a beer. Then again, Dogfish Head is one of the most experimental breweries in the US, maybe even the world. I think it is entirely possible they would have worked their way around to using muscat grapes, honey and saffron in a beer someday.

Midas Touch has a very wine like flavor, undoubtedly from the grapes and honey they use. It has a very light flavor, a little spicy but overall it is a subtle beer. It doesn't really taste like beer. There is a slight malt flavor at the beginning but that is about the only thing that says "I'm a beer." Dogfish Head is big on recreating historical booze. I am pretty sure they are working on,or may have finished, an Aztec chocolate, chili beer.

This beer was interesting. I wouldn't run out to the store to buy it for everyday drinking, but I am very glad I tried it. I can now say I know what King Midas drank and roughly how it tasted. That's pretty cool.

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