Mission 1: Beer 4 - Tangerine Wheat


This drinking a beer everyday business has not been as easy as I thought it would. We have yet to drink one of our beers at a normal hour. Once again we were facing our daily beer at around 10 o'clock. Our Easter beer was Lost Coast Brewery's Tangerine Wheat. I was very excited about this beer. I am often excited about beer, but this one gave me a sigh of relief when I saw it on the calendar. I was glad to see a fruity wheat beer was in my future.

I have had the Tangerine Wheat on only one other occasion and that was when I was actually at the Lost Coast Brewery. We had lunch, which was delicious and my beer of choice was the Tangerine Wheat. I remember thinking that it was delicious and I would very much like another. When I saw it on the calendar the memories of a character filled brew pub and a crisp citrus beer came rushing back, fueling my excitement.

In general, I love fruity wheat beers. The wheat beer just seems to go very well with fruity flavors. I love drinking fruity wheat beers in the summer! They are refreshing and flavorful. I poured the Tangerine Wheat in rapt anticipation. I was however, disappointed. Perhaps it was the memory of my first taste, or my expectation of a fruity beer but I just did not like this one. Maybe it was that I wasn't feeling all that great and my palate was off, who knows. I just wish I had liked it better. When I took my first drink I could taste the tangerine flavor as if I just eaten the fruit itself, but the finish left me feeling like I had drank cough syrup. Beers don't come with ingredients so I couldn't see what it was that left that taste in my mouth, but after several swallows the taste did not abate. When I was at the brewery the beer tasted as it should: fruity start, beer finish. That's the classic fruity wheat beer taste. That is what I was hoping for, but not what I got. I was surprised that Keith liked it as much as he did.

I would certainly recommend this beer to anyone who likes fruity wheat beers, if you are going to the Lost Coast Brewery. When I had it there it was delightful. I feel like I experienced a "Tale of Two Beers".

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Great idea! I just got through making a batch of apricot wheat that will be ready to consume this Saturday. I will read this blog with great interest! Good luck!!

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