Mission 1: Beer 27 - Boddington's


Boddington's was a suggestion from our friend Betty. Even before Betty said we should try it I had been planning on putting it on our list because my friend Allen loves it. Allen is a good friend of ours, he performed our wedding ceremony. To date that was the best wedding ceremony ever performed. When we met with him to discuss what we wanted our ceremony to be like he asked " Do you want a lot god, a little god or no god?" and "robes or suit?" He really gave us a ceremony that meant something and reflected who Keith and I are as a couple. So I figured I should try the beer I am always buying for him. Betty's suggestion that we try Boddington's sealed the deal.

I have had more English beers during this month than I have ever had in my whole life. I find them all very interesting and Boddington's was no different. It has an interesting taste. I didn't know before drinking that Boddington's is imported and distrubuted by Anheuser-Busch. I find it interesting that a company as big as Anheuser-Busch would import beers that are far superior to theirs. Boddington's is a light version of a pale ale. It is creamier in flavor and has a slight hint of honey at the finish. I enjoyed it, it's a very easy beer to drink.

Boddington's, like many UK imports is shipped in a nitro-can. There is a small plastic, nitrogen filled ball inside the can. This sounded like a terrible idea to my uneducated mind. I know little to nothing about UK beers and their precious heads. The nitro ball is there to ensure that the beer pours from the can as it would from a draught, or as close as possible. So now I know.

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