Beer Month Day 24: Rubicon Irish Red Ale


I learned about Rubicon Brewing Company when I tried their IPA at our local brewfest. As the Beer Whench would say I: had a craft beer epiphany. Rubicon's IPA cemented my love for IPAs and my status as a hop-head. After tasting their IPA and learning that they're located in Sacramento (~90 miles South of us) we had to make a trip to the brewery. We had a great time then and on subsequent trips. All their beers are great and I think it's cool that they have beers from other breweries on tap as well. It shows a sense of collaboration and love of craft beer in general when breweries are willing to serve beers that they appreciate from other breweries.

Red Ales are one of the most balanced styles of beer with their roasted malts countering their hops. I don't think Rubicon is real big on balance. Every beer we've tried from Rubicon has had big hops. If you've read any of our past posts you'll know that we love big hops. I don't think they were serving their Irish Red Ale when we visited Rubicon in the past so this was a new one for us and it didn't disappoint. It poured a deep red amber color with foamy off-white head. Like their other beers the Irish Red Ale was full of delicious hop flavors...way more hops than any red ale I've tried. This is more like an IPA with roasted malts. The flavors were complex with citrusy hops throughout and a roasted malt finish. I really enjoyed this beer and will grab another next time I see it on the shelf. As I said, this seems like a departure from typical red ale style; but that is quite alright with me.

On a side note: big thanks to Peter at BetterBeerBlog for the mention!

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