Mission 1: Beer 26 - Arrogant Bastard


Finally a Stone Brewing Company beer! Yes! I love everything about Stone. I love their labels, logos, apparel, and mostly their beer. Keith and I pour for the Chico Soroptomist brewfest every year and I aspire to pour for Stone. I would love to pour for Sierra Nevada, but I know that won't happen, that slot is coveted and I don't feel like fighting to pour my home town beer. So that leaves me with Stone as my goal. Maybe someday.

Arrogant Bastard is one of my favorite beers. I love the challenge that Stone issues to their drinkers. "Try this beer, I dare you, you probably won't like it, it's too much for you, but go ahead and try it." Just go to the website and see for yourself. Some beers make big statements and can't follow through. Arrogant Bastard is not one of them. This beer is a hop punch in the mouth. Arrogant Bastard will ruin your mouth for other beers, so plan on drinking it all night. This beer takes dedication and courage. It doesn't let up in flavor. There's no watery, mellow finish, no touch of weakness. This beer is aptly named.

Every time I look at their site I go to their apparel store. I want everything in there. Seriously. Keith and I send each other links to the items we want and then lament the fact that we can't really afford to buy everything we want. It's a oddly enjoyable torture. If you like strong, knock your palate out beer, go get you some Stone. I recommend the Arrogant Bastard or the Ruination IPA. Do it at your own palate peril, though if you are like me you'll love every minute of it.

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