Beer Month Day 12: Taddy Porter


Like Newcastle, Samuel Smith Brewery has been making beer in England for approximately eleventy billion years. Stephanie and I were both hesitant about Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter. Neither of us drink a lot of porters or stouts but we added it to the list for some variety and to expand our horizons a bit.

The Taddy Porter poured a dark brown and had a sweet coffee smell. It had a smokey coffee flavor with a caramel finish. The coffee flavor that is usually characteristic of porters and stouts is the main reason I avoid them. Surprisingly despite the coffee flavor in the Taddy Porter I actually enjoyed it. I think the caramel finish really mellowed it and left a nice aftertaste.

Honestly, if you gave me a Taddy Porter and told me it was a Guinness I might believe you. My porter/stout palate is completely unrefined. I occasionally enjoy a Guinness on tap and after trying the Taddy Porter I will be more open to try other porters in the future. I have a feeling that the relatively mellow flavors of the English imports we've tried may be characteristic of UK brews...a porter from a California micro-brewery may still be a bit much for me.

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