Beer Month Day 16: Acai Berry Wheat


Day 16 brought us Eel River's Acai Berry Wheat and it brought me a case of the sinus crud. The two don't mix well. Doctors rarely prescribe beer and I wasn't really feeling up to drinking anything alcoholic. Sometimes you have to go to war with sinus congestion you have, not the sinus congestion you might want...or something like that...clearly the copious amount of snot has leaked into my brain.

I bravely sacrificed my health for you, our loyal reader, and gave the Acai Berry Wheat a try. My illness was effecting my sense of taste so my review of this beer is useless. I couldn't taste much of anything. It tasted like a very light wheat beer to me and I couldn't find a hint of any kind of berry. I've had this beer before and remember enjoying the berry taste so my taste buds were clearly not functioning correctly.

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