Beer Month Day 5: Racer 5


I've had Bear Republic's Racer 5 before and it is one of my favorites.  This bottle from the Healdsburg California brewery did not disappoint.  Racer 5 is an India Pale Ale, a beer style known for its large hop content.  The story goes that in the 18th century the English had to add hops to keep beer from spoiling on the long sea voyage to India.  Craft brewers, particularly in California, have taken this style and run with it creating aggressively hopped beers that only a hophead can really appreciate.

Racer 5 is a beautiful example of this style.  It poured a deep amber color with a pearly white head.  The flavor started out very refreshing and bubbly and finished with a sharp hop finish that is an excellent mix of pine and citrus.  At 7% ABV Racer 5 isn't technically a session beer but I could still drink it all night.

If you don't like IPAs you probably won't like this hoppy brew but Racer 5 is a must for the hopheads.  Bear Republic is one of the excellent breweries hiding out in Sonoma County making some world class brews.

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