Mission 1: Beer 1 - Glissade


Operation Monthly has begun with Mission 1: Beer! April first was no joke for Operatives Keith and Stephanie, it was a very busy day that resulted in the first beer of beer month being consumed at 11pm. Our mission requires us to drink at least four ounces of one beer each everyday. I can honestly say that although I love beer, I was in no mood to drink when I got home at 11pm. Not the best mood in which to start a project that I think will be very fun!

Our first beer was Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's Glissade, a suggestion from our friend Betty. This beer is a new release from Sierra Nevada and has been a hit. Sorta. Glissade is a Bock, for a more detailed description of the Bock style check out Sierra Nevada Brewing or Wiki! When I say it has sorta been a hit I mean that most people love it and other people (extreme beer snobs) hate it. I like it. I really do. I was very relieved to come home, look at the Beer Calendar and see Glissade in the April 1st slot.

Glissade is a very pretty amber color similar to dark honey. It is very refreshing despite it's 6.4% AVB. It has a very mainstream taste for a craft brew. Some have dubbed it a gateway beer, meaning the Coors, Budweiser, and MGD guys might like it and explore more craft beers. Although Sierra has lighter flavored beers (Crystal Wheat, Summerfest) I think Glissade is the best balance of refreshment and bite. I hope it's still out in the summer, although being a Sierra Nevada Seasonal what's in stores right now is probably all there is.

As we were pouring our first beer we were both tired, a little cranky and one of us had a headache (me), however the good folks at AMC had a remedy: Blazing Saddles! That's right folks: an April fools, Mel Brooks movie marathon. We sat down just in time to see my FAVORITE part, Lily Von Shtupp "I'm so Tired"! It was an instant mood lifter. It was a nice way to start a new project as well as end a long day!

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