Beer Month Day 4: Tangerine Wheat


I'm always suspicious of fruity beers.  The fruit flavoring often seems like a gimmick that was thrown in and is rarely well done.  Lost Coast Brewery is one of my favorites though so I was willing to give their Tangerine Wheat the benefit of the doubt.  Besides, citrus and wheat beers generally work well together.

The Tangerine Wheat poured a cloudy golden color, had a pure white head and smelled similar to its namesake fruit.  At first the tangerine flavor hits you like you're chewing on an orange creamsicle.  It mellows out quickly and moves to a refreshing flavor typical of wheat beers before finishing with a lightly alcoholic flavor.  Wheat beers really are great for their complex flavors relative to their refreshing lightness.  The Tangerine Wheat is no exception.  I really enjoyed this beer, although I imagine if I had more than one the tangerine flavor would get tiring.  It is definitely one of my favorite fruity beers.

Drinking beer at odd times because of our busy schedule continues be, well, odd...but otherwise I continue to enjoy beer month.  My health remains unchanged and I have yet to become a burden on society, so score one for the 21st Amendment.

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