Mission 1: Beer 15 - Murphy's Stout


I don't like it. I was feeling really good after the Taddy Porter. I was thinking that I could handle the Murphy's, but I was wrong.

It pours out black with a mocha head. That was my favorite part, pouring it out. It has a nitrogen ball in it to make it pour correctly. It starts out cloudy and swirly brown then settles into clear black. It is really cool to look at. I would pour it for anyone just to watch it. Just don't make me drink it.

It has a smooth start, maybe a hint of chocolate, but the finish is all coffee. I think that at this point it is safe to say I don't like stouts. Porters I can handle, but please keep stouts away from me. I think this may mean I can only call myself a beer lover, not a beer snob or even connoisseur. It is sad.

Trying to keep up with my posts has been the most difficult part of this whole process. The thing about doing something everyday for the purpose of sharing it with other people is that you have to share it! Who knew. Over the weekend I ended up much busier than I had planned and fell way behind. I am writing tonight as I drink, I feel very accomplished right now. Goodnight.

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