Beer Month Day 3: Noble Pils


Day three's beer provided the pre drinking before heading to The U Bar to hang out with some friends visiting from Monterey.  We had purchased a six pack of Samuel Adams' Noble Pils so a few of us each tried a bottle.  No one else was complaining but I didn't like this beer.

Samuel Adams, a.k.a. The Boston Beer Company, is one of the largest American craft breweries and Noble Pils is one of their seasonal brews.  The bottle boasts that it is "made with all 5 Noble hops from the world's oldest growing regions."  I didn't know there were precisely 5 Noble hops but it sounded impressive. 

Pilseners are a very light beer and generally not one of my favorites.  Noble Pils poured a dark yellow with moderately sized head and a sweet hoppy smell.  This beer was typically light but with a bit of an extra hop bite to it.  What really turned me off about this beer was its odd ashy flavor.  It was kinda like someone had ashed a cigarette in my drink when I wasn't looking.  I've heard good things about Samuel Adams' wide range of craft brews, and their lager is deservedly world famous, but I didn't like the Noble Pils.  Thankfully U Bar had Lost Coast's Indica on tap to save the day!

It's getting late so I'll tell you about Day 4's beer later.  So far Beer Month has been a lot of fun!

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