Beer Month Day 18: Sapporo


Sapporo is a rice lager named after the city it originated in: Sapporo, Japan. This is one of a couple departures we took from American craft beers to add some international flavor. I don't know if Sapporo is a good representation of Japanese beer, but it is probably the best known Japanese beer in the US.

I think Sapporo compares favorably to American macro-lagers. It didn't have the dirty dishwater aftertaste you get with Coors or Budweiser. It was very smooth and very easy to drink. Like its American counterparts it is mostly flavorless and really doesn't compare to the craft beer selection that we're used to at Operation Monthly.

Sapporo isn't something I'm planning on drinking often, but if I'm having some sushi and the choice is between it and sake I'll gladly order a Sapporo.

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