Beer Month Day 8: Pacifico


There is a time and place for Pacifico.  Poker night isn't it.  The proper environment for Pacifico involves a bucket full of ice nestled in a sandy beach on a hot day.

Pacifico is a Mexican lager.  Compared to the other Mexican lagers Pacifico is my favorite, and I give the Mexican lagers a slight edge over the US made macro-brewery lagers.  Compared to most other beers, it is crap.

I didn't bother pouring the Pacifico into a glass.  Like I said, Pacifico is meant for a hot beach and you drink from the bottle on a hot beach.  As you can imagine it is the same pale fizzy yellow color as other Mexican lagers.  Where Pacifico departs from the likes of Coronoa, Sol and Tecate is that it actually has some nice flavors hiding in there.  It has some citrus flavors with just a hint of some hops.  It absolutely must be cold as the quality degrades quickly as it warms.

I followed the Pacifico with a Sierra Nevada Torpedo and was congratulated on graduating to a real beer from the Sierra Nevada junkies at poker night.  The Torpedo tasted like chewing on a Christmas tree compared to the Pacifico and was a needed salvation from my warming lager.

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