Mission 1: Beer 24 - Rubicon Irish Red Ale


It is so hard to find a good red ale these days. There are not many breweries that make them. I was so excited that one of my favorite breweries, Rubicon, has one! Rubicon is a small brewery near the capitol in Sacramento. The food is great, the beer is great and the atmosphere is pure California pub.

We were supposed to go to Sacramento for a day trip to visit Rubicon and Pyramid, but fate conspired against us and we had to cancel the trip. Don't feel too bad for us. We were treated to dinner at a great Japanese steakhouse and karaoke at the bar in our home town. We spent the evening with my family and their best friends the Comptons. It was a good time. I must say though, I am very glad that I am of strong will and not easily embarrassed. Dinner with my family and the Comptons always turns into drunken laughter over horridly inappropriate jokes and behavior. Mostly the behavior is on the part of my dad and Craig Compton, but Cassy and I can't stay out of the fray too long. Needless to say I have great memories of the evening and am not likely to forget it any time soon.

We got home fairly early and lounged on the couch drinking the most delicious red ale I have ever had! Rubicon really knows how to please people's palates. Their restaurant has great food and their beer is excellent. I am a huge fan. The red ale poured a lovely cooper amber color. The roasted malt added a nutty, mellow quality to balance the aggressive hop flavor Rubicon brews have. I love the nutty, smooth quality the red ale had without being sweet.

With beer names like Monkey Knife Fight (their pale ale) and Hop Sauce (double IPA and my personal favorite) there is a lot to appreciate about Rubicon Brewing. I would strongly suggest you include it on your list of things to do in Sacramento. You'll thank me for it. Photo of Rubicon brewery by brewpublic.com

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