Mission 1: Beer 13 - Audacious


I was so stoked for tonight's beer. I have loved Apricot Ale, now known as Audacious, since the first time I tried it. It is probably one of the beers I drink most often. We always have some in our fridge.

I have one small problem with Pyramid Brewery at the moment. They are one of my favorite breweries, their food is great and their beer is even better. However they are breaking a cardinal rule: if it ain't broke, don't fix it! They are currently completely re-branding their beers. Apricot Ale is now "Audacious," as if an alliteration will attract more buyers! Their labels used to be clean and clever. The new labels are clumsy and ridiculous. Who drinks beer while biking, or surfing. It makes them look like energy drinks. I loved the old labels, so much in fact that I have always wanted a Curve Ball tap. The Curve Ball label now has a guy playing FRISBEE on it, not a baseball as the name implies! You knew what you were getting with the old labels, the pyramids clearly visible, the beers name evidenced in a subtle clever way. I am posting a picture of the old Snow Cap and Apricot Ale labels and some of the new stupid labels to prove my point.

Pryamid can't seem to pull their heads out of their asses when it comes to their branding and advertising. They still make one hell of a beer though. I refuse to call it "Audacious," never the less, the Apricot Ale is tops. It is so refreshing and crisp. The apricot flavor stays with you. It is technically a hefeweizen, but that yeast taste is beautifully masked by the apricot. It's still there but it is well balanced. Anyone who likes a nice, light, fruity beer should pick up the Apricot Ale.

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I agree with this--what the heck is up with the advertising? LAME! Still good beer, tho...

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