Beer Month Day 21: Bard's Gold


Bard's Gold is a vegan beer made from sorghum instead of wheat, barley, oats or rye like most beers. As many as three million Americans have celiac disease, and even more have less extreme versions of gluten intolerance. I often season my gluten with more gluten, but we tried Bard's for everyone who's body hates flavor gluten.

This lager style beer had a floral aroma and poured a clear golden color. Bard's is the only sorghum beer I know of and it has an unique flavor. It tasted sweet and a bit grainy with a hint of carmel. There's not much hop flavor and overall Bard's is pretty thin. The malt-like flavor is not bad, but it is very odd. If the choice is between not having beer and chronic diarrhea I would have Bard's again. Thankfully that is not a choice I have to make so I think I'll skip Bard's in the future.

*Sorghum photo by jdpage

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