Beer Month Day 17: Bigfoot 2010


I liked Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot so much that I immediately ran out and got a tattoo. OK, well maybe not quite that much...but it is one of my favorite beers.

Bigfoot pours a dark reddish brown with a strong aroma of malts and hops. It has a robust alcoholic flavor that is wonderfully complex. It is well balanced in the sense that everything about this beer is big. It is very sweet, hoppy, and malty; all at the same time.

It seems to me that Sierra Nevada has mellowed out Bigfoot just a little bit each year. Maybe I'm just getting used to it but I remember Bigfoot being much harder to drink. It now has a much nicer balance than years past when the hops would punch you in the face and the alcoholic burn would follow with a kick. I've stashed a six pack in my basement for comparison with future releases.

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