Beer Month Day 22: 2009 Celebration Ale


While I'm not ready to make the definitive statement about Celebration Ale that Stephanie did it is easily one of my favorites. After taking the first sip I asked Stephanie "why have we been drinking all those other beers?" I've enjoyed beer month and I enjoy trying new beers but Celebration really blows most of the beers we've tried out of the water. The complexity and balance of this IPA is fantastic. Celebration is a seasonal offering from Sierra Nevada and is available through the winter months.

Our Celebration poured an amber color with a fluffy white head. It started out with a mix of piney and citrusy hops, moved to a smooth malty flavor with a hint of spice, and a bitter hop aftertaste. Celebration isn't ideal for a hot summer day, but it almost makes me look forward to the rainy winter months.

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