Mission 1: Beer 9 - Palo Santo Marron


We had beer number nine while eating dinner with our friend Sam. We were quickly eating our Chicken Satay so that we could make the second night of my friend Duch's show Keeper of Fury. Duch wrote and directed the show. I wanted to buy him flowers to give to him after the show so I was in a hurry to get going.

We drank the Palo Santo during dinner which was a first for us during this project. The Palo Santo Marron is a brown ale. A very strong brown ale at 12% AVB. You can taste every percent of that alcohol. I had the same reaction to this beer as I did to the Old Stock. I didn't like it and barely managed to drink any of it. I dumped the rest of mine into Keith's glass as a matter of fact.

I have stated before that I am a IPA fan, a hop-head, a lover of the bitter. I have had strong ales and double IPAs with ABVs that were almost as high as Palo Santo Marron and consumed them with glee. I can't however seem to tolerate the malt heavy, sweet beers with a high AVB. The combination makes my head shake and my face look like the inspiration for the bitter beer face commercial. I always thought that commercial was funny, but inaccurate. I get the malty beer face. I just can't seem to like them.

I keep hoping that I will find a malt heavy beer that I will like enough to drink the entire bottle. I guess I am going to have to turn in my beer snob club membership card until I do.

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