Beer Month Day 2: 2005 Cellar Reserve Old Stock Ale


It's been a busy weekend of eating hobo brains to commemorate Zombie Jesus so I have some catching up to do on blog posts.  Friday's beer was a gift from JeffNorth Coast Brewing Company's 2005 Cellar Reserve Old Stock Ale.  The corked bottle has spent the last few years in my basement.  At an impressive 14.7 % ABV it should have aged well.  The bottle says "ale aged in brandy barrels" but doesn't mention how long it was aged before being bottled.

After some initial resistance the cork slid out easily and foam rose to the top of the bottle.  The aroma from the bottle was very strong...and disturbingly like the smell of soy sauce.  The Old Stock poured out a very dark and cloudy brownish black and didn't seem to have lost any carbonation, still producing a small head.  The strong smell and the high ABV were a bit intimidating.

I've had Old Stock Ale at the North Coast Brewery on visits to Fort Bragg in the past and it isn't one of my favorites.  Let's just say my palate must not be sophisticated enough for such a hardy brew.  This aged bottle of Old Stock really brought out many of the characteristics of Old Stock that I've struggled with and added a few that were even worse.  It tasted like a mix of raisins, brandy and soy sauce to me.  I drank about two thirds of the 12.7 ounce bottle but I can't say I enjoyed it.  I really appreciate the thoughtful gift but this bottle may have gone past its prime since I received it.

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