Mission 1: Beer 28 - Eye of the Hawk


I didn't like this beer. I am seriously thinking the bottle we had may have soured. I really wasn't in the mood to drink last night. We didn't start until eleven mostly because we just weren't in the mood and subconsciously put it off. Keith said "you know what we still have to do? Drink a beer." I seriously considered not drinking and then just posting that we had. My integrity won out though. I drank the beer and we watched Top Gear.

Watching Top Gear was very much reminiscent of the night we drank a beer and watched Blazing Saddles. We didn't want to drink that night either. Top Gear cheered us up and made the unwanted drinking more entertaining. Top Gear is a BBC show and we love it. Who knew that a show that is essentially about high-end cars practically nobody can afford would be so damn entertaining? Well it is. My favorite episode is still the "lorrie" episode. "Lorries" are British semi-trucks. It was too funny to describe, I cried and may have almost peed, I laughed so hard.

When Keith poured the beer he called from the kitchen that there was sediment floating in the beer. I looked and sure enough the dark golden beer was speckled with floating sediment. I waited a while for the sediment to rest but it never went down. I don't know if this a purposeful thing or not. When I took my first drink I noticed a very metalic taste. This was my first indicator that the beer may be bad. The beer also had a sour finish. I have had one or two beers that were no longer fit for drinking and this reminded me of those occasions. I can't really properly review this beer. The bottle we had was a recent purchase, but sometimes these things happen. Maybe some day I will give Eye of the Hawk another try and be able to give it a proper review.

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