Mission 1: Beer 5 - Racer 5


Racer 5 is one of my favorite beers. I am admittedly partial to IPAs and Racer 5 is among the best in that category. This particular beer was consumed before 10 o'clock at night which was a departure from the previous four nights. It was also the first beer on the list that is a favorite to both Keith and myself.

I have loved Racer 5 since my first taste, which I believe came after a random, "let's try something new" selection at the store a few years ago. It has been a very satisfying love affair. The taste is both refreshing and strong, a good balance for an IPA. Most IPAs have a very strong hop profile. When drinking an IPA a person can sometimes feel as though a lovely green hop has walked up and punched them in the mouth. It's delightful.

The Bear Republic Brewing Co., which makes Racer 5 is located in Healdsburg, CA. Most people think of the Sonoma County area (Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Sebastipol) as wine country. They're right. However, Sonoma County has many craft breweries that a beer lover can enjoy! There are several right in downtown Santa Rosa! Having been to a few of them I would say a craft brew lover would be remiss if they did not tour Sonoma County breweries!

When I poured out the Racer 5 I was thinking about the four beers we have had and how this was the only one I really wanted to drink despite being tired, and not really feeling well. It is a wonderful amber-copper color and I love the way the foam laces the glass as you drink it. Admittedly, I don't pour properly, I try to have as little head as possible, but this time I decided to enjoy that little part of the beer.

There are only a couple beers on our list that I enjoy more than the Racer 5. Out of thirty beers Racer 5 had me the most excited. I like it a lot, but don't drink it a lot. I find that odd. Perhaps it's because I really only drink at bars, which never have it on tap, or house parties, to which I bring beer that I think will be more universally pleasing. Either way, the infrequency of Racer 5 consumption has nothing to do with my enjoyment of this very fine ale!

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