Mission 1: Beer 21 - Bard's Gold


Bard's Gold is the beer our friend Jenney recommended, Bard's Gold is the only gluten-free beer on our list. That makes it unique.

This is one of the only beers Keith and I have consumed separately. He had his during dinner and I had mine after rehearsal. I love the label. I am a sucker for labels and advertising. I like how simple it is, it's so clean. I have been looking forward to this beer for the simple fact that it's different. I had no idea what to expect. This is a first for me. The previous beers were different takes on a specific style, brown ale, IPA, stout and so on. This beer is completely different, it's gluten-free. It is made with malted sorghum. It still has hops and yeast, but no barley. Sorghum is basically a type of grass. They use it to make all sorts of things that need gluten-free substitutes.

I liked the beer. It had a subtle, sweet flavor. More saccharine sweet that any other beer I have ever had. It tasted more like table sugar had been used. It had a very low hop impact and the yeast flavor was there but very mild. I think that if I couldn't tolerate gluten and wanted a beer I would definitely reach for a Bard's. As a lover of all things gluten-filled I am going to stick with my barley malt beers.

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