Beer Month Day 6: Newcastle Brown Ale


What can I say about Newcastle Brown Ale that hasn't already been said?  Brewed for 85 years in England it is one of the oldest and most popular beers we will drink this month.  Popularity has it's price though and with beer that price is usually a very mellow flavor that appeals to the masses.  Newcastle is the smoothest brown ale I've tried.  Deliciously smooth.  And that's why it isn't one of my favorite brown ales.  I prefer my brown ales to have more of the nutty and/or earthy malt flavor that is typical of the style.  Newcastle is a great session beer, and it's great for someone that normally doesn't drink darker beers who wants to venture out.

The Newcastle poured a clear, dark brown with a light brownish-white head.  It smelled sweet with a slight hint of chocolate.  The flavor started out somewhat bitter, with a watery finish, and sweet malty aftertaste.  Like I said Newcastle is far from my favorite brown ale, but it is often on tap at locations with limited selection and you could definitely do worse.

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My favorite brown is Rogue's Hazelnut Brown. Wonderfully smooth with a strong hazelnut finish. Thankfully it can easily be found in the liquor stores here in Chico, but there's something so special about consuming it in a pub in northern Oregon...

- Mark Cunha-Rigby

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