Mission 1: Beer 25 - Mammoth 395 IPA


There are specific days I have looked forward to in the beer calendar we made. They are nearly all IPAs. I'm funny that way. Mammoth 395 Double IPA, isn't my favorite IPA ever, but it's still an IPA so I was happy to have it.

The bottle says that 395 is a double IPA. I don't believe them. It definitely tastes more like a simple IPA to me. The double IPA is supposed to have more malt flavor and twice the hops power. That wasn't the case with 395. It is a good IPA and has a nice sharp, clean hop flavor with a hint of juniper and sage. The juniper and sage are what make the beer I think. The combination of the juniper and sage gives the 395 an herb taste. This flavor was strongest at the finish for me. I prefer a citrusy hop finish to a piney hop finish in general so this herby finish was a nice change of pace.

I think the 395 needs to go back to the recipe book to reach that true double IPA flavor. If you ignore the label and just enjoy the beer you will be pleased with this IPA.

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