Mission 1: Beer 11 - Red Tail Ale


Sunday was a busy day! Our friends Storey and Marcus got engaged over the weekend and were on their way home from Mendocino so we had to hurry to get their welcome home present set up. Then it was off to MacBeth rehearsals for me and dinner with the Adams clan right after rehearsals. We got home at a decent time, around nine o'clock actually, but we were so tired. It has been a long couple of weeks and the exhaustion seems to be taking over. We arrived home and went to the fridge to open beer number eleven, Red Tail Ale.

Red Tail Ale is made by the Mendocino Brewing Company. It is not our favorite brewery. It hurts me a little to put that thought in writing, but it's true. They use two different kinds of malted barley and two different hops. I blame the use of two different kinds of malted barley combined with their "special proprietary yeast strain" for the overly earthy almost dirt like taste. It just doesn't taste right. My sister-in-law loves it, so does my father-in-law. I think that the bottle we drank is one that my sister-in-law brought over to our house.

Don't get me wrong, I drank it all. I didn't hate it. I just don't really like it. There are so many other "clean" tasting beers that I prefer. If you like Lagunitas, you will love Red Tail Ale. They have very similar qualities.

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