Mission 1: Beer 2 - Old Stock


Beer number two Old Stock was the beer I was dreading the most. The particular bottle we drank was a special edition "Cellar Reserve" that had been aged in bandy barrels and was bottled in 2005. Needless to say it is now 2010 and I was terrified. A gift of beer is a beautiful thing in my opinion, but our friend Jeff may have found the one beer I will flat out refuse to drink. Our mission, defined by myself as being the consumption of at least four ounces, was a failure. Well, I failed, Keith did splendidly.

After an interesting dinner at La Hacienda with my family Keith and I went over to my sister Cassy's house to try our Old Stock and play cards. My family plays Shanghai Rummy, it can get pretty crazy. Keith and I brought the Old Stock as well as a few other beers to the house. Cassy and her fiance Justin were our "guest operatives" for this beer. At first everyone was excited, but once we got the bottle open and we all smelled it, the level of willingness dropped dramatically. Cassy and Justin were only willing to try a shot glass full (one ounce) and I was practically in a cold sweat thinking about the four ounces I would need to consume.

We sat down to play cards and we all tried the beer. With scrunched faces and that uncontrollable head shake unique to alcohol consumption we began to describe the beer. Soy Sauce, poop, awful, and many other unflattering descriptors were bantered back and forth. Cassy and Justin refused to drink any more and I agreed with them. I did try a few more sips, but I just couldn't finish my four ounces. Epic fail.

Old Stock is a dark mahogany color normally, and this bottle was a cloudy, making it more of a chocolate color. The North Coast Brewing website says: "Old Stock Ale is well-designed to round-out and mellow with age." Mellow with age my ass. This beer kicks you in the back of the throat. I must admit that not liking this beer makes me feel like less of the beer snob I thought I was. As my dad would say "No sir, I just don't like it".

I appreciate the craft that goes into making these types of beers. The layers of flavor are so clear, giving a person the ability to taste all the ingredients that went into the beer. I am awed by the talent and craft it takes to make that happen. Unfortunately my palate is too pedestrian to appreciate the taste.

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