Mission 1: Beer 16 - Acai Berry Wheat


There are a few beers on our list that are a part of my normal beer buying routine. Eel River Brewery's Acai Berry Wheat is one of them. I love Eel River Brewery. They are located in Fortuna, CA. I love everything about them. The make great beer, great food and they have natural pest control. Cats. That's right, cats! There are a few cute, friendly cats roaming the restaurant and beer garden. They don't get on the tables or really come too close to you, they mostly lie around in the sun. It was something I have never seen before.

The Acai berry is the latest super fruit. It is everywhere. I love the juice, although it is so tart I prefer it mixed with something like cranberry juice. Keith prefers blueberry-acai juice combos. I would not have thought to mix acai with beer. I would think that the extreme tart flavor of the berries would pair badly with yeasty, bitter beer. Wheat beer seems to be the only variety that would work.

This beer is subtle. When you first drink you notice the crisp wheat taste, perhaps there's a little more bite than normal. The finish is all berry, with almost no yeast taste at all. I drink this beer year round, but I love it in the summer. The Eel River is an organic brewery, their slogan says it all "Be Natural, Drink Naked." It is my favorite beer slogan ever! I also think it's great advice.

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