Mission 2: Disney - Ye Olden Days


Thanks to my theatre schedule we watched another short, Ye Olden Days. We watched this while I sat on the floor and started my crazy MacBeth make-up. This one is really old, like 1933 old. The one we watched is the original black and white version, they did remake it with color later. This is also a short where the characters sing. There is music throughout and a good portion of the dialouge is sung by the characters. The sound is WAY old school. Definitely a different technological time!

As the short begins there is a scroll that says "Ye Caste." Mickey and Minnie are there and "Ye Prince" is apparently Dippy Dog. Now I have to assume that Dippy Dog is the original moniker for Goofy. On IMDb the credit is listed as Goofy, it's listed that way everywhere else too.

Mickey is a wandering minstrel, Minnie a princess who is being forced to marry Goofy a prince. She refuses and is locked in the attic from where Mickey tries to rescue her. They are caught sneaking off and a duel for Minnie's hand ensues. Mickey wins (duh). They all live happily ever after. I really think that perhaps just once Goofy should get the girl. Goofy never gets the girls. Poor guy. Even decades later when Disney made Goof Troop. Goofy has a son Max but no wife, no girlfriend, he's a single dad and even his son is embarrassed by him. Goofy just can't buy a break. I suspect that his lack of success in the romance department is due to the fact the Disney never created a female dog. Goofy is a dog. Disney pairs off their couples by species, no inter-species love allowed. I guess Goofy will always be single. Lame.

Aside from the consistent neglect of Goofy, I love Disney. The last five days have been fun, well except Disney Channel day. That was awful.

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