Mission 2: Disney - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Once again I found myself on the floor in front of the television watching Disney and putting on my MacBeth make-up, stopping only to hurriedly eat dinner. I must say that a 6 o'clock call is brutal. I get off work at 5 o'clock and have to eat and have my make-up done so that I can have my fake, painted on tattoos touched up and my hair finished before people arrive. 1078 Gallery only has one bathroom and cast, crew and audience have to share it. It has certainly been an interesting experience.

I love Disney's version of The Legend Sleepy Hollow tale! It has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. I was born on Halloween and have had a love of scary stories and all things spooky ever since.

Disney's version is the second part of the "Ichabod and Mr. Toad" video. It is narrated by Bing Crosby. Bing also sings all the songs! I love it. There is something about Bing Crosby's voice that just warms my heart. I think Disney may have been on to something using a warm, friendly voice like Bing Crosby's for such a chilling tale. It's hard to be scared when Bing is crooning at you.

I am pretty sure everyone knows that Legend of Sleepy Hollow story. There have been so many incarnations a person is bound to have seen one. The Disney version is really focused on Ichabod himself. His gluttony, pride, and his superstitious nature are aptly portrayed. He is always eating! Always, yet he is so skinny. He is a funny man. I prefer to think that the Headless Horseman failed in getting Ichabod's head. Only in this version though. As I said nothing bad can happen when Bing Crosby is there.

I used to wait impatiently for the first day of October when I was little. That was when they started showing the Halloween cartoons. Disney's Halloween Treat was and still is my all time favorite show from my childhood. I still want to watch it on Halloween even though I am now twenty-six years old. Some things are just that good.

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