Mission 1: Beer 29 - 90 Minute IPA


90 Minute IPA is the third Dogfish Head brewery beer on our list. I love Dogfish Head. I don't always like their beers, but I love their passion. I wasn't crazy about the Palo Santo Marron but I am damn glad they made it. They are known for their highly experimental brews. They look at what the ancients drank and make it into beer for the modern man. They take ingredients from around the globe and make a beer that is truly international.

They make a delicious IPA. I was very pleased with the 90 Minute IPA. The 90 Minute is continuously hopped for 90 minutes during the brewing process, and is also dry-hopped. There are other incarnations, the 60 Minute, 75 Minute and 120 Minute. I will be trying each one in the future. The 90 Minute was refreshing, more so than your average IPA. IPA's aren't really beers you would reach for to relieve your parched throat. Well, I would, but I'm a freak. The hop flavor was fully developed beyond just the initial punch. I could drink this beer all day, any day, any season.

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