Vegetarian Month


Vegetarian Month made me so weak I wasn't able to post to the blog. OK, it wasn't really that bad...I've just been busy, and still catching up on Disney Month posts, flairs. So to sum of this latest OpMo month of fun Stephanie and I didn't eat meat for the entire month of June, except for one little slip up. It was a challenging month, but not without rewards and new discoveries.

Vegetarian Month wasn't too bad when we ate at home. We were able to stock up non-meat foods we enjoy and some fake meat products to substitute. The more challenging part was eating at restaurants, events, and meals at other peoples' houses. The worst was a wedding we attended. They had some delicious looking steak and chicken, but the non-meat offerings were a little slim. I'm not crazy about Caesar salad so I didn't get much to eat. Some restaurants are nearly impossible to eat vegetarian at, although we mostly managed to avoid those.

The positive side of this was that it forced us to try some new food that we wouldn't have otherwise tried. I didn't find any fake meat I liked but I had some great vegetable, pasta, and fruit dishes. We learned that marinated mozzarella makes any pasta better and that even though I still don't like bell peppers enough to eat one on its own I now accept that they have their place in adding flavor to a dish. On the fake meat front it ranged from terrible to edible. The best was the rice burgers we picked up at S&S, and the worst was the boca burgers. There isn't enough BBQ sauce in the world to cover the wet sock flavor of a boca burger. Tofu is edible, but even if its cooked well I prefer chicken.

The other big benefit to Vegetarian Month has been the fantastic BMs. I think that's why vegetarians always seem happy. Now if only they weren't so smug. I didn't notice any other health changes. I didn't lose or gain any weight and my energy level was about the same.

Now that Vegetarian Month is over we'll return to eating meat, but we'll be having meals without meat much more often than before. Tonight Stephanie and I are going on a meat date to celebrate the end of Vegetarian Month. I'll be eating the largest steak that Sierra Nevada makes and loving every bite.

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Hey! I found your blog because I was looking for others who have tried the whole "go vegetarian for a month" thing. Like you, I do monthly challenges to keep life interesting. This month just so happens to be eating vegetarian, which will be hard as I am an emphatic meat lover.

Anyways, great blog, love your sense of humor (especially your clam post!)

I'm impressed you guys stuck with it for the whole month. Hope you enjoyed the steak Keith :-)

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