Disney Month Catch Up take 2


Aristocats, not to be confused with Aristocrats, is an animated feature about a crazy cat lady, and her helpful butler. The kittens in the movie were cute, the jazzy music was fun, and the story had a nice pace. Unfortunately in the end the old lady doesn't receive the mental health treatment she needs and the butler loses his job and is deported.

Next up was Darby O'Gill and the Little People, a live action movie that was one of Sean Connery's first. This movie had an entertaining story and surprisingly good special effects for 1959. It chronicles Darby O'Gill's quest for riches which ends with him realizing he already had everything he needs.

The next few days brought us some animated shorts. First up, Trick or Treat, was about Donald Duck and his nephews who ask the classic question: trick or treat? Donald answers incorrectly and his nephews seek revenge by teaming up with a witch. The witch enchants various household items that harass Donald. Stephanie loves anything Halloween related since it's her birthday, but I didn't find this one to be too exciting. The next short was The Band Concert starring Mickey Mouse. Donald Duck interrupts the concert Mickey is conducting and they have a musical show down that is disturbed by a tornado. The mix of The William Tell Overture and the action of the tornado make for a fun short animation. The third short from this group was Disney's musical take on The Three Little Pigs. The songs were kinda stupid and Disney didn't bring anything new or interesting to this classic story.

With a bit more free time we were able to watch the full length live action musical Newsies starring a teenage Christian Bale. This was an entertaining musical with interesting subject matter and good music. Bale shined as always and was supported by a great cast of young actors. The characters were well developed and humorous despite being cliche. Skip this one if you don't like musicals...you've probably already seen it if you do like musicals.

Our Disney video adventure was interrupted by a trip to Disneyland which I'll cover in my next post.

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